This website is meant to be a guide to help both communities and artists collaborate  efficiently to create AWESOME murals! If you have been part of a community mural project, please send us content, advice and photos!Far beyond simple beautification, artist-community collaborative murals strengthen communities as a community-building exercise that brings together all ages and projects their collective voice. When neighborhoods, art centers, schools and other organizational communities collaborate with an artist/designer, they can work together to create impressive, impactful, professional murals with relevant content that is co-designed and painted together.

Some people are too intimidated to help paint a mural, thinking that tremendous art skills are a requirement. But when a design system is used where the end result is essentially a giant coloring book, sometimes complicated and other times simple, the mural can be painted simply and requires no special artistic technique or skill.

To see a 3-year-old painting next to a 75-year-old is wonderful. Artists can touch up as needed after the community paints, so the mural is professional-looking and yet the entire community is welcome to participate.

Eventually we hope to included video interviews with muralists and communities who have worked collaboratively, contact us if you wouldn’t mind being interviewed.

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