The group needs to set aside time to brainstorm ideas for your subject matter. Don’t expect this to be solved within one meeting, depending on the number of community members and their varying ideas, you might need a few meetings. Its important to initially list everyone’s ideas and eventually the design might combine ideas. 

  1. Who is the main audience – children, adults, or everyone? 
  2. Is the purpose of the mural to celebrate your community, raise awareness of a situation, to be historical, to honor local heroes (past, present or both), and/or other reasons? Is it more like a collage with lots of varying content? 
  3. Are there neighborhood icons or architecture to be included?
  4. Once the viewer walks or drives by the mural, what do you want them to remember?
  5. Is there a quote that resonates with everyone? 
  6. Who is assigned to do additional research? 
  7. Is there a local historian who can be consulted if needed?