After the community has had multiple planning meetings to brainstorm about subject matter and have chosen an artist or team or artists for their murals, its time for the design meetings. The design process also requires multiple community meetings. 

Your group has made some decisions about the mural in the planning meetings, so it is time to present all your ideas to the artist(s).  Once the artist understands that the community wants for the their mural, the artist might offer you advice on appropriate changes.

Invite the public to these meetings. Individuals who didn’t come to the planning meetings may still come to the design meetings. You can also involve the community via social media by having people vote on design and color options.

The group will meet with the artist/designer multiple times:


  • Meet the artist and give them direction on the mural design that
    includes details about the wall, timeline, type of collaboration, desired subject matter, aesthetic/style and colors
  • Artist shows design(s), community gives feedback
  • Artist shows design(s) again, community gives further feedback
  • Final review